“The most successful women understand they can’t do it alone. They need a trusted ally in the trenches with them…..so they call me.”
Denise Harris, The Corporate Ally


Individual executive coaching positions you to develop the mindset needed to create a fresh, new blueprint for personal and professional success.


Corporate consulting on key issues to influence behaviors and bring impactful results.


Accelerated coaching and life strategy programs to support your capabilities.


You’re successful, experienced, in demand and the person so many of your colleagues turn to when there’s a gap between expectations and reality. You’re the logical person who has the ability to de-mystify the situation. As a warrior for the troops, your tank shouldn’t run empty. But you know. . . at this moment of your life. . .something is missing. You have a desire to do something different, act on an idea or grow exponentially – but you need support of your own. You know you have the assets – it’s help with managing those assets that you need. It’s time for you to turn your uncertainty into accountable actions. As your Corporate Ally, I can help.

When it comes time to navigate the changes that life brings. . .
When it’s time for a career transition. . .
Or when the floor drops from beneath your feet. . .


You need focus and inspiration to emerge victorious. If the time is right for you to truly focus on yourself and if you are willing to work hard to get results, you will notice a difference almost immediately. You will be able to identify your true passion, see through blind spots, overcome your inner critic and develop a strategy and plan to accomplish your goals. Everything will begin to come together. You will believe in yourself and possess a higher level of self-confidence. Your goals and aspirations become clearer. Your resolve is solid.


I’ve been there. I’ve spent my entire career in executive leadership. I’ve led teams and been in charge of large operations. I created a culture around me that focused on leadership, ownership and accountability. I learned first-hand how to help people leverage their skills and talents to raise their sights and position themselves as leaders and champions of their own enterprise. All of this experience has made me passionate about creating an environment for other women to ensure they have the tools and resources to succeed in their endeavors. When we work together – either one-on-one, or within the corporate setting – we’ll partner to create a new path. Whatever is getting in the way will be dissolved.


As a trusted certified executive coach and seasoned career consultant, my clients are C-Suite executives and include senior managers, directors, government officials and research & development- life sciences professionals. I have also had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, coaches and “extreme” creatives. My role is to provide a safe, judgment-free zone where clients can navigate through changes, major transitions in their lives and perceived limitations that block forward movement. I am well known for supporting clients in regaining resiliency, increasing self-awareness and reimagining the vision they have for themselves. Clients often tell me, they have gained clarity, a sense of purpose and renewed momentum through our work together.


My clients tell their stories. They are my fuel. Take a look at what they have to say. You too may be experiencing a big change in your life, a major transition, or you’re ready to explore new possibilities. Maybe, you’ll see yourself in their stories. If you do, let’s connect.


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Are you ready to work with me? It will take hard work, and commitment. But if you have a sense of urgency and are eager to get started, contact me.
I’m looking forward to working with you.