What do you want to do?
And who do you need to be,
 to do it?

You’re an executive, You’ve gotten this far and You want to go further.

Meet A Few Of My Clients



You’re successful, experienced, in demand and the person so many of your colleagues turn to when there’s a gap between expectations and reality. You’re the logical person who has the ability to de-mystify the situation.
Are you as influential as you can be within your company?
Are you communicating with confidence, clarity and credibility?
Are you strategically positioned as a leader in your industry?


As a trusted certified executive coach and seasoned career consultant, my clients are C-Suite executives and include senior managers, directors, government officials and research & development- life sciences professionals. I have also had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, coaches and “extreme” creatives. My role is to provide a safe, judgment-free zone where clients can navigate through changes, major transitions in their lives and perceived limitations that block forward movement. I am well known for supporting clients in regaining resiliency, increasing self-awareness and reimagining the vision they have for themselves. Clients often tell me, they have gained clarity, a sense of purpose and renewed momentum through our work together.

One-on-one executive coaching designed to help smart professionals realize their full potential.

Corporate consulting on key issues to influence behaviors and bring impactful results.

Accelerated coaching and life strategy programs to support your capabilities.

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She identifies and tailors your coaching to YOU - and cares about your success, professionally and as a person
-- Heather West, Senior Policy Manager, Americas Principal at Mozilla
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My team is thirsting for more professional development from Denise and that is exciting for our company culture as we rapidly grow.
--Matt Shumaker: Vice President Operations, Hero Practice Services
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Denise has been a constant presence over the last year, challenging, guiding and supporting me with her words of positive advice as well as her writings and assigned readings.
--Nancy J.Kelley: President & CEO Life Sciences - BioTechnology
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Working with Denise, during and after her course, was instrumental in helping me gain clarity around my personal and professional goals
--Michelle Rhodd: Non-Profit & Governance Advisor
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By participating in Mission North Star, I have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and being open to what is presented to me.
--Ruth Rathblott: CEO/President Harlem Educational Activites Fund
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We've all heard the quote "When the student is ready the Teacher will appear", that began my amazing journey with Denise Harris... I stepped out on faithdetermination and as faith would have it, Denise appeared and has helped to direct my steps personally and professionally.
---Dru Yokum: Keller Williams Real Estate
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The IVP® helps you figure out your Internal Values Proposition rating which can help you create radical shifts in your professional life.

Partnering with Denise has helped me to THINK about the tools I already have and how to use them. She’s given me additional tools and the encouragement I need to disconnect from the negativity in my current environment both intellectually and emotionally. Now I am thinking toward the future  – where I want to be and what I want to do.

-Brenda H,

Information Technology Advisor.

The IVP®

The IVP® helps you figure out your Internal Values Proposition rating which can help you create radical shifts in your professional life.

It's a bit like having a life compass. It's the detail you need to begin developing your personal blueprint.


  • getting clarity on your values in a way that helps you go for that next promotion - with complete confidence.
  • walking into the boardroom and knowing, without a doubt- yes! I belong here.
  • if you could eliminate the second-guessing, the questioning and know with certainty - I'm in the right place.


"...Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? "
- Marianne Williamson

Executive Coach, Speaker, Corporate Facilitator, Founder

I get it. Mindset is everything and in today's corporate environment you have to be ready to:

  • Make tough decisions
  • Thrive in an environment that is always changing
  • Step into the day to day challenges.
  • Show up confidently
  • Focus on what really matters to you

It can get lonely and feel extraordinarily isolating in the corporate space, and that’s why I work with women executives who want an ally in their corner. I can help you develop a winning plan so you can perform at your best and feel confident about the steps you are taking to advance your career.


Denise Harris client journey



Measure Objectives

Are you strategically positioned as a leader in your industry?

Are you the first one considered for senior level promotions?

When I work with clients, I begin with taking a full assessment of where you are currently and where you want to be. Together, we work to create the blueprint and discuss the specific goals you want to accomplish and the mindset shifts required so you can maximize your potential.

Skills Discovery

Are you effective at telling your story?

Are you able to align all of the things you do and are good at in a clear and concise way?

My six month program incorporates a variety of assessment and tools to help you remove the roadblocks of self-awareness, understand your values and know with clarity what differentiates you from your colleagues and competitors.

Strategic Planning

Are you attracting the opportunities that you want and are worthy of?

Are you communicating with confidence, credibility and clarity?

My coaching systems and processes have helped to catapult many leaders to higher levels in their career, with tremendous satisfaction. I can help you to gain the visibility and influence you want without giving up the values that are meaningful for you.

Target Accomplished

98% of women who work with me get promoted within 18 months.

85% of my clients re-up for second and third round engagements.

100% of my clients agree their executive level coaching experience was both memorable and effective.


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