A Time For Renewal – And How Partnering With A Great Coach Can Get You Moving

I am a coach, and I typically get asked two main questions, which are: Why did you choose to become a coach? and what can a coach do for me?

Being coached and coaching others, has brought me a new perspective on life. Interestingly enough, coaching has been around for a very long time, but the International Coaching Federation didn’t get started until 1995. Coaching offers people the support and often times. the push they need to start the project that has been on hold for the past five years, or write the book that has been on their mind forever, or maybe just get the motivation to start a new work-out routine. Working with a coach can give you that long desired opportunity for a “Do-Over”.  Yes, a “Do-Over”….For some of us, who have been dedicated to our careers, raising a family, taking care of our homes and all of the things that go along with living life, there comes a time, when you get to do whatever you want to do. You are only accountable to yourself, and you finally get to take that risk, and open up that little Italian restaurant you have been thinking about, or maybe you’re thinking of starting a new career, or relocating to a new state. So, why do you need a coach to realize those things. Well, here’s the rub. Having a coach in your life is the positive side of your conscience talking to you, spurring you on and saying “Yeah, you can do it, and I’ll be there along the way to cheer you on, but mostly to hold you accountable for fulfilling your own goals and milestones to get you where you want to be”. Partnering with a coach, can be the catalyst that some of us need, just to take that first step and get moving.

Working with a coach is like finding the quintessential piece to the puzzle that suddenly makes the whole picture come alive. Partnering with the right coach can move you towards living the life you are meant to experience. The concept of having a best friend, who you tell your secrets to and share your dreams with is nothing new. Just ask Gail and Oprah. There’s nothing quite like having a best friend, except having an awesome coach. What is new, is that when you make the decision to hire a coach, you’re embracing a new beginning for yourself. You’re taking that first step in designing the life you want. Your values and your goals are the most important tools to take with you on your journey.

I am a life coach, and I work with people who want something more for themselves. I work with people who want to be the very best version of themselves, and it doesn’t matter, if you are 21 or 85, or anywhere in between.

Denise Harris is a professional life coach with over 20 years of experience in management operations. Denise has held multiple executive leadership positions in both the private and public business sectors. Denise is well known for her outgoing personality, and responsiveness to others. Denise is currently working on her first book, and is the founder and President of Phoenix Coaching Group.