When You Think You Can’t..Tell Yourself You Can

When You Think You Can’t..Tell Yourself You Can

It wasn’t that long ago, when you felt you had it going on. You loved your career, spent quality time with loved ones and truly felt as though you were making a difference. You felt unstoppable, and you were moving through life with a purpose.

But something happened.

Life. It started throwing you all sorts of unexpected curve balls. Death. Divorce. Firings. Betrayal. Bad Bosses. Toxic relationships. Unhealthy work environments. An endless list of personal defeats. The kind of stuff that immerses you and knocks all the wind out of your sail.

It’s the stuff that, makes you feel like keeping the blinds closed, staying in bed and turning off your phone.

Have you ever felt that way? Tired, indecisive and ready to quit?

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you real stories of several women, who like many of my clients, have stared into the face of adversity but chose not to let their circumstances define them.

Instead, they made a choice to use infelicity to shape lives that created unlimited opportunities for them and their families. And it wasn’t easy. These stories demonstrate women who found courage, when they didn’t think they had any left. Women who persevered through immense struggles and came out the other end shining brighter than before.

These are Mission North Star Women. And they are just like you and me. Women who are holding it down every day and showing up, despite feeling like the rug has been pulled from underneath them.

You will undoubtedly recognize yourself in these North Star Women. You will see their fierce vulnerability, feel their disappointments and experience their triumphs. You will read about how they pushed through their fears, shut down their inner critic and kicked closed doors open. Most importantly, you will learn lessons on how to find the courage you need to make bold moves in your own life, how to build up your resiliency and how to move past limited beliefs so you can live life on your own terms.

These are the very same lessons that you will learn in my signature program Mission North Star.

Stay with me over the next few weeks and be sure to check your inbox, beginning this Friday, August 11th, when I introduce you to our very first Mission North Star Woman.

Until then, when you think you can’t, tell yourself you can and keep going.

In support of your success!



Denise Harris works with professional women who find themselves at the crossroads of a “personal crisis”. That critical moment , either personally or professionally, where the rug has unexpectedly been pulled from out underneath their feet and they need a lifeline of support. Denise’s strategic knowledge as a certified executive coach, professional insight, approachability and refreshing candor allow her to equip + empower her clients with the tools to not only “successfully walk through the fire”, but to emerge on the other side as the best and highest version of themselves.