It’s challenging for most of us to rise above our own excuses and move out of our comfort zone. It can feel impossible to do, and it doesn’t help when self-doubt moves in and clouds our thoughts. However, you can conquer self-doubt and accomplish what you really want in your life.

Living the life you want, doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon all of the things you are comfortable with. After all, you’ve gotten to where you are today, by doing many of those things. The very first step in creating something new for yourself, is recognizing that you have a desire to experience something different and be okay with it. No judgement, just awareness.

When we allow ourselves to dream and think of all the things we want to do, three very common emotions tend to show up, and attempt to throw us off track.

First, the chatter from our inner-critic, weighs in, and convinces us, whatever big idea or thoughts we’re having about creating a change in our lives is crazy, because we aren’t ready, and it’s not worth being uncomfortable.

Second, our ego does a drive-by and reminds us, of all the folks out there who are going to be judging or criticizing our actions, and just like that, creativity and happiness are thrown out the door.

And third, lack of confidence and belief in yourself, will completely blow out any flame of possibility.

Does this sound familiar to you? Inner Critic, ego and lack of confidence are all close-knit family members who want to get in your head, and destroy any effort you make to experience the level of success, happiness and freedom you really want for yourself.

Now that you know you’re likely to have some unwelcome thoughts you can be prepared to conquer them straight away.

6 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic and Crush Self Doubt

1.Be disruptive!

Find a way to disrupt your daily pattern and be okay with it. Consider new and different ideas to accomplishing your goals. Think how disruptive Uber, Netflix & PayPal were to their industries.

For example, if you’re trying to drop a few pounds, it might mean getting up an extra 30 minutes earlier in the morning, so you can work out. Maybe it means partnering with a nutritionist to find out the best ways to reduce your weight and get back in shape.

The first step is aligning your goal with an impact-action that moves you closer to the finish line.

2.Be around people who understand what you want to accomplish and are supportive

Becoming part of a new community can expose you to ideas and resources that you may have never considered before, and you might find that, getting to what you want isn’t nearly as challenging as you may have originally thought. Now is a good time to consider working with a mentor, or hiring a coach.  You might consider joining a mastermind, or become a part of an organization. Partnering with the right support can breathe life into your efforts and replace that sense of dread with a sense of possibility.

3.Trust yourself

Leverage the wins that you have already had in your life and know that you are capable. Be willing to give yourself a chance. Connect with yourself and be patient. Small, steady steps, can lead to big progress.

4.Be okay with making a mistake

Making mistakes are normal, and every mistake you make is an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson and to consider what changes need to be made, and what different approaches you can take. Look at your mistakes as directional signals, that are alerting you to go in a different direction, or try a new approach.

5.Be afraid and do it anyway

Don’t let fear get in the way of achieving your goals and living the life that you want. Make space for your fear, know that it’s there, and move forward anyway. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, says Fear, is allowed to have a seat, but not allowed to vote, and not allowed to drive. It’s okay to be afraid, and definitely normal, when you’re trying something new, just do it anyway.

6.Work with a Coach

Working with a coach can help you develop the mindset you need to be successful and get past any blocks that get in your way. Whenever you experience change or try something new, it’s like exercising a muscle you haven’t used, and it can take a little practice and time to get used to. Having support around you can make a huge difference in helping you reach your end goal and live your dream.

This small action will make a huge difference in ensuring that you move forward with the positive changes you want to make in your life.