When I work with my clients, we create solutions. By combining empathy, accountability and humor, my clients own the challenges they face and create a path to success.


Today, I am a certified executive leadership coach, who engages other entrepreneurs and executives through one-on-one coaching, enterprise consulting and accelerated coaching programs. I speak publicly about women and transition. And I have facilitated numerous workshops on a variety of topics.

When I work with clients, we create a trust-based relationship together. This mutual trust allows us to get to the heart of the matter. Working together, we’ll focus on your inner strengths and resolve any problems that are keeping you from moving forwards. Any long-term patterns of behavior and thinking that do not support your success will be overcome. How does it happen? I provide tools, skills training and creative practices that are designed to allow you to focus on the business and personal outcomes you desire. My strengths include:

Building personal and professional resilience.

Creating balance in demanding roles.

Growing organizational relationships and influence.

Thinking strategically.


I worked in Corporate America for many years – and in some of the best companies in America – including Marriott International, America Online, Comcast, USA Today and CoStar Group. I was responsible for large departments with staff that numbered anywhere from 60 – 150 people. My teams had to perform well and consistently. During this time, I coached many people who worked for me – and some who didn’t. These were frontline managers, Executive VPs and even CEOs. The culture in these workplaces was one of leadership, ownership and accountability. To be successful, everyone had to be self-motivated, determined and self-assured.

And then my mindset began to change. To anyone who knew me during this time, my life looked like a dream come true. I played an important role in the companies for which I worked; I had an executive lifestyle; and I traveled extensively. My colleagues respected me. We succeeded together. But I felt a growing sense of dissatisfaction. I knew I was ready for something else, but I wasn’t sure what that was. And rather than explore options, I kept pushing thoughts of a career change out of my head. . . and leaned forward.

The organization and the leaders surrounding me also seemed to change. Instead of innovating, it seemed to me that everyone was marking time. Politics began to play a huge role in the workplace and I hated my commute.


Denise Harris
Denise Harris Coach

And then I discovered coaching. I’d been coaching my whole adult life, so I knew about the profession – I just didn’t think it was a serious enough endeavor for me. And then I learned about a very long and extensive program – one that not only impressed me, but would fully prepare me for what seemed like a natural progression in my life.

Today, I’m often complimented by my friends. They admire that I’m doing what I like and something I am passionate about. But it took work. It took change. And change can be uncomfortable. I had to learn to trust myself and my passion. I invested time and a significant amount of money on myself.


If my story sounds somewhat familiar to you. . . If you know that a change is necessary. . . If you have a desire but not a plan –let’s talk. You can accomplish your goals IF:

  • You do the work,
  • Trust the coaching process, and
  • Trust yourself.

Let’s redefine YOUR story