“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
-Henry Ford

Our belief systems define “what’s possible”

Recently I listened to a podcast where the host was discussing a compelling concept or idea around belief ceilings, which are sets of beliefs we have, that very much sound like facts but hold us back from achieving our true potential.

These belief ceilings are incredibly difficult to recognize because they are so ingrained in our hearts and minds, that we don’t think to challenge them and most of us are unwilling to challenge them because it may mean that we would have to change our thinking or even admit that what we may have been thinking isn’t true.

For example, a belief ceiling for me is that achieving a high level of success means hard work and no fun. I associate success with sacrifice and struggle, and my belief ceiling is that the fun part comes after (and not during) the hard work. I’ve subconsciously made this my reality until I began to challenge my way of thinking. I realized that if I shifted my attitude and opened myself up to a new perspective, I could enjoy my work and create more fun on my journey to success.

You may have a belief ceiling around how much weight you can lose, or how much money you can earn, or maybe you’re belief ceiling is keeping you back from starting your own business because you don’t have enough money or experience, or you believe you’re not smart enough, or too old to do the thing you want to do.

We don’t recognize these belief ceilings as optional. We recognize them as reality and therefore they go unchallenged.

These beliefs systems that lead to belief ceilings can grow from sneaky thoughts led by our inner critic that creep into our heads and keep us stuck in place and hold us back from possibility.

The best antidote to belief ceilings is to recognize them, write them down and challenge them. Our brains love certainty, so when we start messing around with assumptions that we’ve held for long periods of time and gaining new perspectives it will feel uncomfortable and confrontational.

Sometimes it’s best to understand what you have a belief ceiling around and just sit with it and figure out how it’s affected you. When you look at your life and think about your future and what you could be capable of your belief ceilings will inevitably come into play. And you will recognize it because they will seem like very valid and legitimate reasons for why you haven’t created the success you want.

But keep in mind, 80% of our success is mindset and 20% is strategy.

What belief ceilings may be present in your life that may be keeping you from reaching or exceeding your potential?

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