A Look Back and a Step Forward

A Look Back and a Step Forward

Season’s Greetings!

There is just about ten weeks left until the end of the year. Can you believe it?

Whomever coined the saying “Time Flies” was spot on, and of course, my other favorite quote by Gretchen Rubin “The days are long, but the years are short”, are both so appropriate and a silent reminder that, time waits for no one.

What goals did you start the new year off wanting to accomplish?

For me, my new year began with a list that included losing ten pounds(or more), traveling more, being more resilient, eating healthy and exercising more frequently. Oh, and finding love……yes, that was the big one. I can honestly say that I started out strong in January, faithfully going to the gym two to three times a week, and I even started packing my own lunches to take to the office, so I could avoid going out for lunch and eating something that was, let’s say, not so healthy. And of course, armed with the mindset that I was going to be more resilient, which equated to, I was going to have more willpower, I think my routine lasted well into the first quarter of the year. In other words, there was no exponential growth in my “more of” equation.

What happens to us when our goals start to slip away, when suddenly, they become less important and we determine that other things in our lives are more important and thus the cycle of unfinished goals begins. For some of us, we just figure that, the goals were simply unattainable anyway, and for others, we realize that our level of commitment was just not where it needed to be to make it happen. And we rationalize that thought by stroking our ego and telling ourselves “There’s just too much going on in my life right now. I don’t have the time or the energy”

If you really want to know the truth, for me, and I suspect, for many others, not accomplishing my new year goals was simply because of these two reasons. Number one, my level of commitment was not high enough to match my level of resistance and number two, I did not have any support measures in place. I was simply relying on me, myself and I to get through it. I can tell you that the robust monologues that I was having with myself were not inspirational. There’s another saying though, that says, we get wiser with time, and so as this year comes to an end, I am already thinking proactively and doing things differently to set myself up for success. Here’s my list of 5 steps towards creating goals and accomplishing each one:

  • Create 3 to 5 goals that include desires/needs that you are passionate about and establish milestones, complete with mini rewards for when you meet those milestones.
  • Instead of creating annual goals, change the timeline to 6 months. This way you will give yourself a shorter window to accomplish what you want and a shorter span of time to check in on your milestones and make changes or adjustments where needed.
  • Hire a coach. Working with someone who can help you develop a plan to accomplish your goals and hold you accountable on a consistent basis can make a world of difference. A coach can help you develop structure around your goals so you can reach success.
  • Change your morning routine to reflect strong habits that will get each day started on the path to success. You might want to start your morning with meditation or just a few minutes to reflect on how you want your day to go. Whatever you decide, just be consistent in developing a good habit that helps move you forward.
  • Mindset – Having the right mindset can make a world of difference. Having a positive attitude, being open to change and not being afraid to fail, trusting yourself and not letting fear hold you back can put you on the right track to accomplishing all that you want.

I hope you find these tips helpful in achieving your goals, and if you want more, then click on the link below and visit my site at Everything Emile. I have designed four thoughtful coaching packages to meet you, where you are, at this moment and help you jump-start your goals right now, whether you want to get something really important done before the end of the year, or you want to create your plan for 2017. Either way, take a look, and find the right package for you.

The time to get started is now, because as we know, time flies.



10 Things That Will Bring Out the Woo in You!

10 Things That Will Bring Out the Woo in You!

Take a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before. While there, explore a new culture. Take dance lessons. Learning to salsa or tango can be lots of fun. Learn a new language. Sign up for a Zumba class. Join a running club and start training for your first marathon. Join a local recreational team and have some fun playing softball or kickball or any sport you’re interested in. Try Rock Climbing. Volunteer with a local community organization. Get some friends together and go Go-Kart racing. Try white water rafting
A Time For Renewal – And How Partnering With A Great Coach Can Get You Moving

A Time For Renewal – And How Partnering With A Great Coach Can Get You Moving

I am a coach, and I typically get asked two main questions, which are: Why did you choose to become a coach? and what can a coach do for me?

Being coached and coaching others, has brought me a new perspective on life. Interestingly enough, coaching has been around for a very long time, but the International Coaching Federation didn’t get started until 1995. Coaching offers people the support and often times. the push they need to start the project that has been on hold for the past five years, or write the book that has been on their mind forever, or maybe just get the motivation to start a new work-out routine. Working with a coach can give you that long desired opportunity for a “Do-Over”.  Yes, a “Do-Over”….For some of us, who have been dedicated to our careers, raising a family, taking care of our homes and all of the things that go along with living life, there comes a time, when you get to do whatever you want to do. You are only accountable to yourself, and you finally get to take that risk, and open up that little Italian restaurant you have been thinking about, or maybe you’re thinking of starting a new career, or relocating to a new state. So, why do you need a coach to realize those things. Well, here’s the rub. Having a coach in your life is the positive side of your conscience talking to you, spurring you on and saying “Yeah, you can do it, and I’ll be there along the way to cheer you on, but mostly to hold you accountable for fulfilling your own goals and milestones to get you where you want to be”. Partnering with a coach, can be the catalyst that some of us need, just to take that first step and get moving.

Working with a coach is like finding the quintessential piece to the puzzle that suddenly makes the whole picture come alive. Partnering with the right coach can move you towards living the life you are meant to experience. The concept of having a best friend, who you tell your secrets to and share your dreams with is nothing new. Just ask Gail and Oprah. There’s nothing quite like having a best friend, except having an awesome coach. What is new, is that when you make the decision to hire a coach, you’re embracing a new beginning for yourself. You’re taking that first step in designing the life you want. Your values and your goals are the most important tools to take with you on your journey.

I am a life coach, and I work with people who want something more for themselves. I work with people who want to be the very best version of themselves, and it doesn’t matter, if you are 21 or 85, or anywhere in between.

Denise Harris is a professional life coach with over 20 years of experience in management operations. Denise has held multiple executive leadership positions in both the private and public business sectors. Denise is well known for her outgoing personality, and responsiveness to others. Denise is currently working on her first book, and is the founder and President of Phoenix Coaching Group.