6 Steps To Achieving Your Money Objective

6 Steps To Achieving Your Money Objective

Many of us have money blocks. And if I’m honest, money is by no means my favorite topic to talk about. However, money is important to me and choosing to write about it is a part of my process to work on my own money objective.

And in doing that, I’m getting better with being comfortable with being uncomfortable around money. That’s the first step, acknowledgment and acceptance, only from that place can true change happen.

In today’s post I’m going to help you to identify your most important money objective and give you 6 steps to achieving it. But first, I’d like to give you a bit of context which will help you uncover some money blocks & help you understand your money mindset.

Identifying Your Money Mindset

I can remember as if it were yesterday my father saying “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “God bless the child who has his own” or “You have to work hard if you want money” Maybe you can remember some of the sayings that you frequently heard as you were growing up.

Each and every message you heard about money when you were young is somewhere in your subconscious mind and is part of your money blueprint. Those same messages are also a part of your internal mapping system that has been running your financial life.

Our money mindset has a lot to do with how we view money, and often times, our money earning potential. John Demartini, author and human performance speaker says “Money goes and flows where it’s appreciated most”.

Identifying Your Money Objective

Having a clear money objective can help you gain the focus you need to accomplish your money goals. It is also helpful, as you move forward and make decisions on how you spend your money.

To create your money objective, start by thinking about what is most important to you from a financial perspective.

Do you want to be debt free?

Create personal wealth?

Take that dream vacation?

Or maybe, you want to start your own business.

It’s important that you just pick one money objective to focus on for now, once you have it please write it down.

6 Steps To Achieving Your Money Objective

  1.      Write your money objective down on an index card, a post-it or in your journal. Keep your money objective easily accessible, place it      somewhere you can see it frequently so you are consistently reinforcing the money objective in your mind.
  2.      Decide a time frame for your money objective. Is it reasonable to give yourself 6 months or 12 months to accomplish your objective? Remember success comes in a series of small wins. So, give yourself the time you need and evaluate your progress regularly and consistently.
  3.      Begin to align your values, your daily activities and the decisions you make around your money objective. For example, if your money objective is to pay off your Visa card, make sure your actions and behaviors reflect that. Begin by using the card less frequently. You may decide to reduce the number of times you eat out, and use the money saved to add to the amount you pay on your monthly statement, or you may decide to remove the card from your wallet completely so you’re less tempted to use it.
  4.      Create a list of action steps for yourself that you are willing to follow to accomplish your money objective and stick to it. Focus on the opportunities to accomplish your goal, and play to win.
  5.      Get support. You may need an accountability partner to help you stay on track. Developing willpower around changing old habits can be challenging but finding someone who is aligned with helping you achieve your goals, and who will help hold you accountable can make the experience much better.
  6.      Educate yourself on money and financial health. There are a ton of great books, articles, podcasts and many more resources to help you get smart about your dollars.

Need more support on this topic? I’ll help you gain clarity on understanding your money mindset and figuring out next steps to create your one money objective.

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Shifting your money minset starts right here, I’d love to know in the comments below if you can remember what you learned about money growing up.