From time to time, we all need inspiration. And truthfully, we never know where we might find it, because it could be anywhere. The magic is in being present enough to see it, no matter where you might be.

I found my inspiration somewhere in the middle of “The Everything Store” aka HomeGoods.

Full disclosure, it is the most wonderful place to aimlessly wander about while taking in random furniture displays and deciding between the pink Himalayan salt, the honey vanilla chai tea and yet another Rae Dunn coffee mug.

And as I continued walking down an isle lined with picture frames on one side, and random journals, planners and greeting cards on the other, I saw this magnificent book nestled within the clutter. Have you ever experienced a moment of pure glee, like finding a $20 bill in an old coat pocket? That’s what this particular moment felt like for me.

The title immediately caught my eye “In The Company of Women” Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists and Entrepreneurs by Grace Bonney.

Funny how the universe sends you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it. And so, for an undetermined amount of time I stood there flipping through the pages, reading incredible stories of diverse women who shared their uncompromising and unapologetic struggles and adventures of becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. Amazingly, talented women who took their ideas and their passion and created something phenomenal for themselves and for those who they serve. These success stories celebrated women and while their experiences are unique, their inspiring messages are universal. Here are a just a few of those messages that hopefully will inspire you today, as much as they have inspired me:

Success is contextual and fleeting, so when things are harmonious even for a moment, I try to savor it” – Ping Zhu, Illustrator, Artist. Brooklyn New York

Joy eclipses pain” – Alice Randall & Caroline Randall Williams. Writers, Food Activists. Morgantown, WV

Grow organically, don’t get ahead of yourself” – Eileen Fisher, Entrepreneur. Irvington, NY.

Nobody knows better what you’re capable of than you. Trust yourself. Trust your ideas.” – Tina Roth Eisenberg, Graphic Designer. Brooklyn NY

I admire women who are open and vulnerable about self-doubt that happens in the creative process and yet go forward and do it anyway” – Arti Sequiera. Chef, Television Host. Los Angeles, CA

I’ve learned that the word ‘no’ has many meanings and is not necessarily a negative thing” – Miko Branch. Beauty Entrepreneur. New York, NY

As long as my work continues to foster joy, celebration, community, generosity and simplicity, I’m on the road to success.” – Dana Tanamachi. Artist, Graphic Designer. Seattle, WA

If I want something, I don’t let busy stand in the way. I make the time to do it”  -Debbie Millman. Writer, Artist, Educator, Radio Host. New York, NY

In a world where so many are trying to be like the majority, it’s refreshing to see women courageously, own who they are.” – Carla Hall. Chef, Television Host. Washington DC