"To me books are the windows to our souls. The power of words and story has always been an integral part of my life, and I believe the right book, in the right hands can change everything"

I created the Corporate Ally Readers Club specifically for busy women who value personal development and have the desire to grow both personally and professionally. As a member of the Club, you will gain valuable insight & guidance, from some of the very best business and professional authors today. I’ve purposefully designed a smooth process to provide you with the optimum experience. The books used in the Club are curated to offer you compelling insights, thought provoking perspectives and in many cases, the answers to those burning questions we all have on our minds.

Yes, I want to join the Corporate Ally Readers Club. 

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So here’s how it works…

You become a member for the year. The cost is $1,000, for a single payment or you can pay monthly for $97. Included in that price is your monthly book. I will ship your book each month and provide you with a prescribed reading schedule. This reading schedule will help you finish your book each month – just in time for our monthly Zoom video call, where we discuss compelling insights and apply what we learned to our careers, business or personal life. This is a great opportunity to have lively discussion in a community of other high achieving women who are also looking to share experiences, ask questions and advance their careers.

Wondering what kind of books can you expect to receive in the Corporate Ally’s Readers Club?

We’ll be covering books that help us increase our self-awareness, strengthen leadership skills and show up more confidently.  Here’s a look at the 2019 Corporate Ally Reading List.

Sound like fun?

Benefits include becoming smarter, building relationships with other people, and a renewed sense of energy and purpose from all you take in.

Not to mention the perspective you’ll gain from the community’s take on each book.

While I can’t make any promises, I will personally reach out to each author after their book has been chosen and do my best to invite them in to chat with us in a webinar format if they are agreeable.

Ready to be part of our Corporate Ally Readers Club?