Being your true self Is the most effective formula for success, in anything you do. That affirmation reinforces my desire to live life on my own terms every day, and continue moving forward in this world of uncertainty.

Jim Rohn said “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”.

On April 21st, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the SUCCESS Live conference in Dallas, TX.

I heard from outstanding thought leaders like Brendon Burchard, TD Jakes, Mel Robbins, Lewis Howes and so many more.

Here are six of the most important life strategies that I walked away with:

1)    High performance is not correlated with age, gender, nationality, intelligence, personality, strengths or creativity. High performance comes from your desire to succeed beyond standard forms consistently over the long term.

2)    Do what you believe in, and apply yourself without limitations. Raise your ambitions. Never limit your vision for your future, based on today

3)    Passion, Energy & Enthusiasm moves you forward. Developing good habits keeps your momentum going.

4)    The only thing that should be stable on the ride to success is you.

5)    You are designed for success but life happens, and introduces us to failures. Honor the struggle.

6)    Courage is required, then you build confidence. Your dream has to be bigger than your fear.

I would love it if you would share with me, anything from this list that resonates with you, and gives you the inspiration and momentum to take action today.

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