My clients tell their stories. They are my fuel. Take a look at what they have to say. You too may be experiencing a big change in your life, a major transition, or you’re ready to explore new possibilities. Maybe, you’ll see yourself in their stories. If you do, let’s connect.

Sonia Koshy
Deputy Vice President, Portfolio Risk Management
I was at a crossroads in my career and was trying to figure out next steps. Denise helped me identify the root causes of what was preventing me from moving forward. I found it particularly useful that she helped me to expand my horizons and to think big about next steps. She helped me gain perspective in what I was looking to achieve in my professional life. The external resources she also provided were invaluable tools that I can utilize in the long run as well.
Jodi Scheurenbrand, Chief Financial Officer
Denise’s holistic approach and intuitive ability to get to the heart of issues has been liberating. She allowed me to evaluate my personal goals in ways I would not have considered without her guidance.
Lisa McQueen, Scientific Leader & GSK Fellow
I sought Denise’s help to get myself out of a career rut that had me stalled and stymied on how to progress to the next level. I was impressed at how deftly and quickly she honed in on the deeper issue (in minutes!). Denise brought me through a self-awareness and growth journey over the course of 4 months that I could never have achieved on my own. I am now confidently seeking my next career move with purpose, direction and a bright outlook. It was a true pleasure partnering with Denise and I would recommend her without hesitation!
Heather West, Senior Policy Manager, Americas Principal at Mozilla
Working with Denise has been just what I need to move forward in my career - it's hard to approach transitions alone, and she provides thoughtful advice, tough feedback, and ideas for growth. During a challenging transition period of team growth, she offered concrete and forward-looking support - and kept me accountable. She identifies and tailors your coaching to YOU - and cares about your success, professionally and as a person.
Matt Shumaker
Vice President Operations, Hero Practice Services
Watching Denise interact with our team, let me know how prepared she was to work with our individual leaders and maximize her time with our management teams. What is even more exciting is seeing how well her coaching has taken effect in our organization. I am seeing our leaders use the training Denise delivered and apply it to improving their teams performance.  My team is thirsting for more professional development from Denise and that is exciting for our company culture as we rapidly grow.
Nancy J.Kelley
President & CEO Life Sciences - BioTechnology
On a day after I first realized I was about to enter a turbulent transitional phase in my life which I did not want to manage alone, an email popped into my inbox from Denise bringing a blog filled with encouragement and good energy. I knew immediately that she could help me walk the challenging path ahead. Throughout her signature programs, Mission North Star followed by Destination "I", and beyond, Denise has been a constant presence over the last year, challenging, guiding and supporting me with her words of positive advice as well as her writings and assigned readings. Throughout all of the challenges, and there have been many, she has worked with me to change my thoughts and behaviors to achieve the highest and best possible outcomes which enabled me to make some pretty transformative changes in my life. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone wanting a change or facing a challenge in their life.
Michelle Rhodd
Non-Profit & Governance Advisor
Working with Denise, during and after her course, was instrumental in helping me gain clarity around my personal and professional goals.  Denise challenged me to be honest with myself and articulate what I wanted to achieve.  As a result of my conversations with her I was able to set long and short-term goals and formulate plans to successfully execute them.
Brenda Hill
Information Management Professional
Denise has guided me to do things I’ve been either hesitant or lazy about. I’d gotten comfortable and complacent – letting habits and skills that I once had to sustain success just go. Though I had recognized that before joining Mission North Star, I knew I needed guidance/support to navigate in my current environment while being encouraged to seek opportunities for professional development and networking. This program is positioning me to be PREPARED for opportunities as they arise. Working with Denise as my coach, I’ve been reminded that I have the ability to see beyond just “now” and see situations from various points of view. I’ve also been reminded that I shouldn’t feel “stuck”. I’m still in the process of getting “unstuck”. Partnering with Denise has helped me to THINK about the tools I already have and how to use them. She’s given me additional tools and the encouragement I need to disconnect from the negativity in my current environment both intellectually and emotionally. Now I am thinking toward the future  – where I want to be and what I want to do.
Ruth Rathblott
CEO/President Harlem Educational Activites Fund
Denise is very straightforward and goal-oriented. She is direct and not afraid to help you take risks and explore areas that are uncomfortable or deeply buried.  She is not a therapist, nor does she claim to be one, but her coaching helps to unblock areas where you may feel stuck, which then frees you up to continue moving forward on your path. With Denise’s coaching, I was able to take my big goal of writing a book and break it into smaller action steps. She was with me, by my side, the whole time—keeping me accountable, engaged, and focused. By participating in Mission North Star, I have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and being open to what is presented to me.  I am energized and jazzed by life and its unknown path, and I am further convinced of the possibilities that await me.  Coaching with Denise has helped open my eyes and my heart. I am grateful.  
Dru Yokum
Keller Williams Real Estate
We've all heard the quote "When the student is ready the Teacher will appear", that began my amazing journey with Denise Harris.  I left a successful career in corporate and transitioned to a Solopreneur. I stepped out on faith and determination and as faith would have it, Denise appeared and has helped to direct my steps personally and professionally.  Denise operates as an insightful and laser focused Coach. She isn't your typical Business Coach; she's a Life Builder Partner. My personal emotional blocks prevented me from living and experiencing the life I wanted to live and the world needed to see from me. Working with Denise, I experienced a complete shift and have reframed my outlook and approach to how I show up in the world and how I manage my business.  I can't imagine where I would be now without the coaching partnership I have with Denise. She is an incredible Coach, who cares passionately about her clients. I'm ready for my next journey and it includes Denise Harris.
Angela Steel
Head, Global Clinical Sciences & Delivery GlaxoSmithKline
I have been working with Denise as my coach for a year now and I can honestly say it has been transformational! Her insights, her corporate experience, her empathy and her expertise make her brand of coaching both personal and powerful. She has helped me adapt my mindset and create strategies to change the trajectory of my life and career and what I think is possible. Simply an amazing coach who I recommend with my head, heart and soul!
Keely Rich
REMAX Real Estate
North Star changed my life in a matter of months. Denise is an exemplary Coach. She has the uncanny ability to help you get to the deep hidden parts of your soul that most coaches don't usually deal with. What a gift to be able to help even the strongest of women uncover their limiting beliefs and what's stopping them from reaching their goals. I want everyone to have Denise Harris as their coach, she has made such a huge difference in my life. My thinking is clear and I am now ready to accomplish goals that once felt impossible for me.
Marlene Peters
Research & Development, Life Sciences
The North Star program is amazing! Each session gave me an opportunity to be more intentional about reaching my goals. I am showing up each day as my true authentic self and loving it. Denise's coaching has helped me transform into a better version of myself.
Colleen Hawthorne
Health Care
Brilliant, engaging and witty Denise Harris is a fresh voice of wisdom, whose powerful insight and strategies have helped countless numbers of people to live better, bolder and more full lives. If you’re ready to move out of your comfort zone and dive deeply into living the life you truly desire, with Denise Harris at the helm as your coach and guide, you are destined not only to meet, but to exceed your expectations and goals. I have known Denise for many years  and she always brings a special magical, and transformational energy to our private talks that only she possesses. She knows how to get right to the core of the matter and get you mobilized and moving toward your North star.
Ray Farmer
Be Passionate. Be Intentional. Have Clarity.  These three short phrases are just samples of the many tangible outcomes that have come from my six months working with Denise Harris.  I am loathe to call the experience coaching because that marginalizes what has truly been a partnership walk with a knowledgeable and trusted friend.  I was asked to submit a testimonial, but in truth, this is a thank you note.
When I was downsized out of my role with a global media company in 2015, I took it in stride with full confidence that I would land on the next tier of my career path. However, as I soon learned, careers are no longer definitive and even the most talented of us are simply on an unpredictable course that results in a "series of random adventures" in the marketplace.  My current role has required some deft and tumultuous navigation this past year.  Over the past six months, Denise has helped me recognize what is important to me; to peel away the layers of job and title and to truly connect to the role ( the one I am in and the one I would want); to recognize the talent one brings to an organization and to leverage the contributions to be made within.  Her candor, tight focus and direct engagement have been a welcome challenge to the comfort zone I inhabited and now, in a better equipped and positioned state of mind, I embrace the next phase before me both professionally and personally.
Thank you Denise and continued success.