My clients tell their stories. They are my fuel. Take a look at what they have to say. You too may be experiencing a big change in your life, a major transition, or you’re ready to explore new possibilities. Maybe, you’ll see yourself in their stories. If you do, let’s connect.

Namita Penugonda
Namita Penugonda
Denise is an amazing executive coach. She helped me clarify my strengths and change my mindset, and pushed me to take on new challenges. She taught me that everything does not have to be perfect to start a new venture. Denise helped me make a dream a reality and pushed me further and faster than I would have gotten on my own. I highly recommend working with her to anyone looking to make a career change or shift. I am truly thankful to have her in my life!
Kelly Reine
Kelly Reine
Working with Denise is a gift! When I met her, I had buried my own gifts under fear and self-doubt. She helped me dig out and find a more balanced--but still realistic--self-awareness. With Denise's help, I feel empowered to achieve my potential, both through a renewed energy to go after my goals and the resilience to take setbacks in stride. Denise can be tough--in a good way. She is direct, calls my on my bulls*ht, and creates accountability, but in a way that is objective, fair, and not at all judgmental. If you're feeling stuck, call her.
Debbie Wissel
Debbie Wissel
Coaching with Denise is one of the best investments I made in myself. She cares, she challenges and she inspires. Denise will help you get unstuck. She listens and she pushes, to make sure self-limiting beliefs are not holding you back and that you are living a life you will be proud to have lived.
Denise has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. She helped tailor programs to reach my needs and went beyond what I asked her to. She truly understands the areas I want to improve, finds proactive solutions for me, and challenges my existing thinking. Most importantly, I can sense how much she cares about her clients and believes in their success, which makes working with her that much more impactful.
Michelle Hutchings-Medina
Michelle Hutchings-Medina
The coaching experience provided by Denise has been absolutely stellar. We discussed a wide range of subjects which affected my overall well being. Her coaching style met my needs perfectly. Denise assesses and then provides thought provoking questions and exercises which lead the client to their own discoveries. My life has been so enriched by Denise’s coaching and workshops.
Janise Smith
Janise Smith
Working with Denise Harris Executive Coaching 1:1 helped me to redefine the way I saw myself as a leader. The coaching Denise provided has allowed me to work past behaviors that were causing stall and limiting my effectiveness as a leader. It's something I wish I had done long ago!
Cynthia B.
Cynthia B.
Denise is awesome!!!! I cannot express how valuable she was to my professional and personal development (because everything is interconnected). She challenged me to think critically, help identify internal areas that were limiting my successes, and discussed how to maintain the small successes that were already manifesting during our time together. As a woman of color, she understood generational barriers and helped me think about those affecting me and motivated me to strive above them to make changes where I needed in order to reach my potential and goals. She is a great listener, motivational speaker and supporter. Anyone looking to make changes in their lives professionally, in a gentle no-nonsense kind of way, and with strategy, Denise is your girl. I truly value and appreciate her.
Anne Marie Inglis
Anne Marie Inglis
I started working with Denise during a crisis point in my career, when I noticed the job I was doing felt like it wasn’t appreciated by my organization, and more importantly, by me! Denise helped me to shine a light on the value I bring. She also helped me to define the non-negotiables in my life and build strategy to make sure I no longer have to compromise what is important to me. Denise gave me the tools to remember and practice what I’ve learned, and to take the skills forward into new challenges. It was truly a life-changing experience and I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her!
Dr. Kena Mayberry
Dr. Kena Mayberry
Denise tailors your coaching to your specific needs and holds you accountable to your goals. She challenges you and encourages you to strive for more and to not be afraid of your potential. She is a strong support system and gets you to where you want to be! Working with Denise is a joy! Her wisdom and ability to tap into your potential makes Denise the perfect coach for those who are serious about exploring their possibilities!
Angela Steel
Angela Steel
I have had the honor to work with Denise Harris as my Executive Coach for 3 years. During this time, our work has brought incredible transformation in my life and career. I created a new role for myself in the corporation where I worked for 25 years, adapted and pivoted to build new skills and have just launched my own Coaching business. I absolutely believe that without Denise and her commitment to support, encourage and challenge me I would have remained stuck and playing small. What a thrill to have someone like Denise in my corner expanding my mind and helping me to create a vision for my future that I could never have imagined. Thank you with all my heart Denise!
Nancy Kelley

 Nancy J.Kelley,

 – President & CEO Life Sciences – BioTechnology

” …she has worked with me to change my thoughts and behaviors to achieve the highest and best possible outcomes... “

Denise has been a constant presence over the last year, challenging, guiding and supporting me with her words of positive advice as well as her writings and assigned readings. Throughout all of the challenges, and there have been many, she has worked with me to change my thoughts and behaviors to achieve the highest and best possible outcomes which enabled me to make some pretty transformative changes in my life. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone wanting a change or facing a challenge in their life.”

” I have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and being open to what is presented to me. “

“With Denise’s coaching, I was able to take my big goal of writing a book and break it into smaller action steps. She was with me, by my side, the whole time—keeping me accountable, engaged, and focused. By participating in Mission North Star, I have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and being open to what is presented to me. I am energized and jazzed by life and its unknown path, and I am further convinced of the possibilities that await me. Coaching with Denise has helped open my eyes and my heart. I am grateful. “

Ruth Rathblott

Ruth Rathblott,
– CEO/President Harlem Educational Activites Fund

Dro Yokum

-Keller Williams Real Estate

I experienced a complete shift and have reframed my outlook and approach to how I show up in the world and how I manage my business.

We’ve all heard the quote “When the student is ready the Teacher will appear”, that began my amazing journey with Denise Harris.  I left a successful career in corporate and transitioned to a Solopreneur. I stepped out on faith and determination and as faith would have it, Denise appeared and has helped to direct my steps personally and professionally.  Denise operates as an insightful and laser focused Coach. She isn’t your typical Business Coach; she’s a Life Builder Partner. My personal emotional blocks prevented me from living and experiencing the life I wanted to live and the world needed to see from me. Working with Denise, I experienced a complete shift and have reframed my outlook and approach to how I show up in the world and how I manage my business.  I can’t imagine where I would be now without the coaching partnership I have with Denise. She is an incredible Coach, who cares passionately about her clients. I’m ready for my next journey and it includes Denise Harris. “

What People Are Saying

“Watching Denise interact with our team, let me know how prepared she was to work with our individual leaders and maximize her time with our management teams. What is even more exciting is seeing how well her coaching has taken effect in our organization. I am seeing our leaders use the training Denise delivered and apply it to improving their teams performance.  My team is thirsting for more professional development from Denise and that is exciting for our company culture as we rapidly grow.”


Matt Shumaker
-Vice President Operations, Hero Practice Services

“Denise’s holistic approach and intuitive ability to get to the heart of issues has been liberating. She allowed me to evaluate my personal goals in ways I would not have considered without her guidance.”

– Jodi Scheurenbrand, Chief Financial Officer

“I was at a crossroads in my career and was trying to figure out next steps. Denise helped me identify the root causes of what was preventing me from moving forward. I found it particularly useful that she helped me to expand my horizons and to think big about next steps. She helped me gain perspective in what I was looking to achieve in my professional life. The external resources she also provided were invaluable tools that I can utilize in the long run as well.”

Sonia Koshy
– Deputy Vice President, Portfolio Risk Management

“Working with Denise has been just what I need to move forward in my career – it’s hard to approach transitions alone, and she provides thoughtful advice, tough feedback, and ideas for growth. During a challenging transition period of team growth, she offered concrete and forward-looking support – and kept me accountable. She identifies and tailors your coaching to YOU – and cares about your success, professionally and as a person.”

Heather West,
– Facebook
* promoted

“I sought Denise’s help to get myself out of a career rut that had me stalled and stymied on how to progress to the next level. I was impressed at how deftly and quickly she honed in on the deeper issue (in minutes!). Denise brought me through a self-awareness and growth journey over the course of 4 months that I could never have achieved on my own. I am now confidently seeking my next career move with purpose, direction and a bright outlook. It was a true pleasure partnering with Denise and I would recommend her without hesitation!”

– Lisa McQueen, Janssen
* promoted

“Elevated Leadership [and Denise] helped me to identify my leadership style and to find my voice, especially right now, during an unprecedented time filled with significant change and uncertainty. I gained much needed clarity on my vision and the strategic planning for the organization I lead.”


-Lindsey E. Jones, Esq. President and CEO,

National Center for Learning Disabilities.

“Denise’s program, Elevated Leadership provided me a safe space, where I could really take time to think about my own professional development. Being a part of the program opened up my insight to redefining my career and making some much needed decisions about my next steps professionally.”

 Vice President, Chief Medical Officer at West Pharmaceutical


Anya C. Harry, MD, PhD.
Chief Medical Officer at West Pharmaceutical

“It connected me to amazing women, both the participants in the program and the accomplished women who were guest speakers. The rich content complemented and built on what it means to elevate my leadership and it felt relevant and important for everyone, irrespective of their specific situation.”                   

  –Angela Steel, Founder,

Fundamentals Coaching LLC



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