What is Mission North Star?

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.”
-Maya Angelou

I hope you are thinking about joining Mission North Star!
But, maybe you don’t know enough about it, and you’re not quite sure what the experience will actually be like, what it will give you and how you’ll feel about it.

So, I asked Ruth, a current participant in Mission North Star to share her experience with you. Here, Ruth gives you a window into her personal experience; how she found her passion, determined the best strategy for herself, defined meaningful goals and discovered possibility.

How did you decide to sign up for Mission North Star?

I first met Denise while attending a two day career transition program that she was facilitating in Washington DC.
I realized what really energized me was when I talked about my desire to write a book, but I had no idea how or where to begin.
I was particularly struck with how Denise shared her own story of career transition and I carefully watched as she interacted with fellow participants. I really appreciated her direct nature, how in-tune she was with each person’s story, and how present she was during the entire class. She made time for everyone, even in a large group.

What convinced you that Mission North Star was right for you?

Denise shared her program with me and we scheduled time to connect for an informational session.  During that first session, Denise dove deep and helped me explore further what I was thinking and what stage in my goal setting I was in; she gave me direct feedback and offered different perspectives to consider. She also helped me assess if I was really ready to set goals and achieve them, and she helped me determine if I was ready to dig deep and work hard on finding my true self and figuring out what I really wanted to pursue.  Denise is about whether the timing is right for you to personally make a commitment to yourself, not a hard sell of her services.

What does Mission North Star mean to you?

Being ready to explore who you are and create goals
Being honest with yourself and stop making excuses
Being accountable to yourself
Wanting to find your authentic self
Creating a space for you to accomplish your goals
Being focused and creating achievable action plans

How has your life changed since you started the program?

Denise is very straightforward and goal-oriented. She is direct and not afraid to help you take risks and explore areas that are uncomfortable or deeply buried.  She is not a therapist, nor does she claim to be one, but her coaching helps to unblock areas where you may feel stuck, which then frees you up to continue moving forward on your path.
With Denise’s coaching, I was able to take my big goal of writing a book and break it into smaller action steps. Denise helped me prioritize and set milestones.  With her coaching and support, I wrote a magazine article to pitch and I submitted a TED talk application video.  She was with me, by my side the whole time—keeping me accountable, engaged, and focused.  By participating in Mission North Star I have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities. I am energized and jazzed by life and it’s unknown path. And, I am so much more open to new possibilities. ❤️

Ruth’s experience may resonate with you. Maybe, you have went through something very similar within your own life. You may be at your tipping point and ready for a big change in life. Mission North Star is an accelerated coaching program designed to help you create your own customized blueprint to move you forward. Sometimes we all need help in figuring out our next steps or the next big move to make. Executive coaching can be the game changer you’ve been searching for. 

Sometimes you just need to give yourself some attention and look at what’s possible.

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